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The CHASE is on!

Introducing FiGPiN CHASE - a new and exciting way to score Gold Plated FiGPiNS minted from your favorite FiGPiN COMMONS.

The Basics:

FiGPiNS that have a FiGPiN CHASE will reveal a new Story Card called CHASE DAY.

On CHASE DAY, every single FiGPiN COMMON that has a matching FiGPiN CHASE will have a chance to score a Gold Plated FiGPiN CHASE. 

If your FiGPiN COMMON scores a FiGPiN CHASE, you will immediately be issued a single use coupon code on FiGPiN.COM, allowing you to purchase the CHASE. That code will expire in 5 days - so move fast and score your CHASE.

If your FiGPiN COMMON doesn’t score a CHASE, then have no fear - CHASE DAY happens every week until the CHASE allotment for that FiGPiN COMMON Edition is depleted.

Look for the FiGPiN CHASE sticker on your FiGPiN!

*Due to the nature of our CHASE program, we are unable to combine multiple FiGPiN CHASE orders at this time*


February 16, 2022 — Kylie Wood