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My Hero Academia Series 1 CYBERCEL PDQ

My Hero Academia Series 1 CYBERCEL is a 27-card series that comes in a foil blind pack. A CYBERCEL is a collectible card inspired by how animation was originally drawn as cel art. Each card features one of your favorite characters from My Hero Academia. Individual packs come with 3 CYBERCELS and your chance at a common, rare, super rare or hyper rare cards! Collect all common, rare and super to be eligible to purchase the ULTRA RARE (while supplies last)! *see blog for more details on how to redeem and collect your cards!

  • PDQ - includes 20 foil blind packs
  • 3 CYBERCEL per pack
  • Each CYBERCEL can uniquely stand up by simply folding the ends together for display
  • The 27 cards in the series are made up of: 12 COMMON, 9 RARE, 4 SUPER RARE, 1 HYPER RARE and 1 ULTRA RARE (web redemption)
  • Sized 2.5"h and 3.5"w folded
  • Each CYBERCEL includes a QR code with a serial number embedded to be used to claim the card to your collection. Claim all common, rare and super to be eligible to purchase the web redemption ultra rare (while supplies last)