Coming soon: Classic Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse FiGPiNs!
Disney's Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse FiGPiNs are coming in all three sizes!

Be ready to display them, stand them, or wear them - collect them any way you please!

Perfect for any Disney fan!

FiGPiN Classic: Disney - Mickey Mouse #261

FiGPiN Classic: Disney - Minnie Mouse #262

FiGPiN XL: Disney - Mickey Mouse #X32

FiGPiN XL: Disney - Minnie Mouse #X33

FiGPiN Mini: Disney - Mickey Mouse #M57

FiGPiN Mini: Disney - Mickey Mouse #M57

Classic 3" & XL available late February!
Minis coming late March!
January 20, 2020 — Yoko McCann