Coming soon: Evangelion FiGPiNS!
The much anticipated Evangelion FiGPiNs are almost here!

We're starting off with two pilots and their Evangelion units!

FiGPiN Classic: Evangelion - Shinji Ikari #333

FiGPiN Classic: Evangelion - Asuka Shikinami Langley #334

FiGPiN XL: Evanglion - EVA Unit 01 #X35

FiGPiN XL: Evanglion - EVA Unit 02 #X36

Asuka, EVA Unit 01, and EVA Unit 02 will be available late February!

Shinji will follow in March!

Stay tuned for more Evangelion FiGPiNs soon!
January 08, 2020 — Yoko McCann