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D23 Expo: Logo Pins & FAQ!
Here's a round up of all our D23 Expo news so far!

Hall C

Exclusives & Pricing:
Receive a special red polka dot FiGPiN logo pin as a free gift with any purchase at our booth, while supplies last!

D23 Gold Member Exclusive Gift With Purchase:
Receive an additional GOLD polka dot FiGPiN logo pin with any purchase at our booth, upon showing us your D23 Gold Member card! While supplies last. Name on D23 Gold Member card must match the purchasing customer.

What if I'm only attending one day D23 Expo? Will you be sold out by Sunday?
We will have inventory of each of our exclusives and logo pins set aside for each day of the show!

Are there purchase limits?
Yes - one of each available item per person. Exhibitors will not be able to purchase.

Are any of your D23 Expo exclusives shared with other retailers?
Per D23 Expo rules, our exclusives will not be available outside of the show.

What are your booth procedures?
As of this posting, we'll be having an ongoing line at our booth (no tickets for return times). If anything changes, we'll be sure to provide an update on our social media channels.

As always, stay tuned to @FiGPiNofficial on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook for our latest news and updates

See you in Anaheim!
August 15, 2019 — Yoko McCann