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Dragon Ball Z's Bulma & Shenron coming soon!
The next Dragon Ball Z FiGPiN is Bulma, as she appears during the Namek Saga! You'll also find Shenron with his Dragon Balls as a FiGPiN XL!

Look for Bulma & Shenron this spring.

But that's not it- we have a bonus teaser for you!

Your favorite characters from the original Dragon Ball are coming soon too! The first wave (estimated to hit early summer) will include Bulma, Goku, Launch, and more!

As always, stay tuned for news.

FiGPiN Classic: Dragon Ball Z - Bulma #366

FiGPiN XL: Dragon Ball Z - Shenron XL #X38
February 17, 2020 — Yoko McCann