Disney's Donald Duck 85th Anniversary FiGPiN - Postponed
Update: 12/8/2019

After inspecting the production run of Donald Duck FiGPiNs, we determined it wasn’t at the standard our Collectors of Awesome have come to expect.

Therefore, we unfortunately will be postponing this release so that we can do Donald Duck justice with the best quality FiGPiN possible. Our apologies for any disappointment regarding this delayed release.

Stay tuned for updates on when the Donald Duck FiGPiN will drop!


We're celebrating 85 years of Disney's Donald Duck with this limited edition FiGPiN!

Donald Duck is in his black sailor outfit, as he appeared in the Sunday funnies from 1939-1945!

FiGPiN Classic: Disney - Donald Duck (85th Anniversary)
FiGPiN.com limited edition exclusive ($20)
December 08, 2019 — Yoko McCann