FiGPiN Staff Pick April 2021 - Daniel Sullivan!


Next up on our 2021 Staff Pick is Daniel Sullivan, our Sales Account Manager!

Daniel Sullivan, our Sales Account Manager

How long have you been with FiGPiN? Coming up on a year and a half!

Thinking about the FiGPiNS from 2020, can you name a favorite (or a few of your favorites) and why? 
The 4 Akatsuki members are up there (might need to finish that set soon). Also anything on an action post because I love how we can get more dynamic with the poses that can be done.

The 4 Akatsuki members

The 4 Akatsuki members from Naruto

What is your favorite part about working at FiGPiN? 
Connecting people with the characters they love

Of all of the great licenses that FiGPiN partners with, what are your favorites and why? Disney and a couple of the bigger anime titles. There is just so much more we can do with some of them. Also very excited about a couple others that are coming soon :) - also more Avatar: The Last Airbender.

What licenses that FiGPiN doesn’t currently partner with would you like to see as FiGPiNS? 
Pokemon and Nintendo. Pokemon and Nintendo. Also Pokemon and Nintendo.

Do you collect anything outside of FiGPiNS? 
Grew up on Pokemon cards, Beanie Babies. Holding on tight to all of my old gaming systems.

What would we find you listening to while you work? Music, Podcasts, TV, Quiet? 
Music, Podcasts, TV show for a new license in the background.

What are you most excited about looking into the rest of 2021 and into 2022 (without giving too much away… :) ) 
I’m excited to get back into Conventions again. I started right before the pandemic hit so it’s something I’ve missed out on. Not quite the same from your phone or behind a computer screen.


April 14, 2021 — Allison Caufield