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FiGPiN Ultra: Assassin’s Creed©  Altaïr

The FiGPiN ULTRA is here

Altaïr will be stepping out of the shadows to be our second ever FiGPiN ULTRA!

The ULTRA is struck in 3mm of solid copper, with deep black enamel and a gold plated finish.

Every FiGPiN ULTRA comes with the new FiGPiN App Badge and a solid metal ULTRA Power Base.

The ULTRA Rules

Limited ULTRA Edition of 1,000

Purchasable only in the FiGPiN App with the following requirements:

1,000,000 Collection Power

2,000 Collector Score

40 Originally Unlocked FiGPiNS

How to Buy ULTRA

This is an in stock release starting on Friday, December 16th at 10am PST.

FiGPiN ULTRA will be $85

The FiGPiN ULTRA will be limited to 1 per FiGPiN App Account

**The requirements for each individual FiGPiN ULTRA release may vary and will be outlined in each blog post**
***Orders of FiGPiN ULTRAS do not qualify for free shipping***
FiGPiN: Assassin’s Creed©  - Altaïr (U2) FiGPiN ULTRA/ 1K units
FiGPiN: Assassin’s Creed©  - Altaïr (U2)
FiGPiN ULTRA/ 1K units


December 13, 2022 — Kylie Wood