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Article: FiGPiN ULTRA is here

FiGPiN ULTRA is here

The Limited Edition 1,000 pc FiGPiN ULTRA Pin brings collecting to the next level.

An amazing product experience merged with the most innovative digital adventure - offered only to FiGPiN App users who have earned the ability to collect ULTRA.

Power to the Pin
The ULTRA starts off with a massive power boost with a 100 point Story Card.

Power to the Collector
The ULTRA also gives you 1,500 Collector Score, making you instantly more powerful in the Unlocker Room - by giving you 3 additional boosts.

Power to the Collection
Your Collection Power enabled you to get the ULTRA - the ULTRA will give some of that power back to your pins. You can choose 1 pin in your collection that gets an ULTRA Power Card worth 100 points.

Power to the Community
Your ULTRA has the power to change the course of the FiGPiN Universe. With the ULTRA SNAP Story Card, you will either Max Boost or Min Boost dozens of FiGPiNS in the Unlocker Room.

How to Buy ULTRA
Purchasable only in the FiGPiN App with the following purchase requirements:

350,000 Collection Power
2,000 Collector Score
20 Originally Unlocked FiGPiNS

The ULTRA will be locked to your FiGPiN App account for 180 days

Every ULTRA release will have different App purchase requirements

FiGPiN ULTRA will be $85
The FiGPiN ULTRA will be limited to 1 per FiGPiN APP Account, per person, per household.

Don’t qualify for the ULTRA? Visit FiGPiN.COM and purchase your favorite characters to add more Power to your collection!

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FiGPiN’s My Hero Academia offering continues to grow!

FiGPiN’s My Hero Academia offering continues to grow!

More My Hero Academia FiGPiNS will be available to add to your collection! Izuku Midoriya (802) is the common release of the ECCC ‘20 exclusive. Making his first debut is our action pose Katsuki Ba...

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Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

It’s never too late to celebrate the Spring season! FiGPiN Logo Pin Promotion (L53) Starts on Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 at 10:00am PT Ends Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 at 7:00pm PT This Spring Logo Pi...

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