FiGPiN's All New 'Action Post' is Here!

It’s called a ‘hero pose’ for a reason, but you can’t keep your favorite characters grounded forever!  And that’s why we’ve created the all new FiGPiN ‘Action Post’. 


Our new generation of packaging is coming and it allows us to draw characters and poses not possible before!


Your favorite characters can now show off their best moves and still be displayable FiGPiNs! Keeping your entire FiGPiN collection in perfect order and looking heroic is where the new post really delivers; classic FiGPiNs, freshly minted FiGPiNs and everything in between stands proud with the new FiGPiN ‘Action Post’.

This new ‘Action Post’ snaps into our next gen display case base. You can click the Action Post in and out of the base, depending on how you want to display your FiGPiN collection!


The best part is our packaging system is totally interchangeable with old and new FiGPiNs alike! So no matter how you best like to display your collection, we got you covered!


Our 1st generation packaging will still be widely available and will continue to work with new characters so no need to change your display! 

July 30, 2020 — Allison Caufield