FiGPiNs Summer Logo Pin Promotion is coming to!
We know you all love FiGPiN logo pins so we wanted to offer a chance to collect our Summer 2020 Logo Pin Series!

Starting on June 29th and going through September 6th, every in stock purchase on $20 and over will come with a logo pin (while supplies last, of course)! And the best part? The pin that is included rotates every 2 weeks! 

If you want to collect them all, just keep purchasing all summer long! These logo pins are a Limited Edition of 750 each, so don't miss out!

This will include any in-stock items on the site (no preorders, unfortunately). This promotion also excludes any gift cards purchases.

Here is a look at all of the pins and the dates they will be included in purchases $20 and over!

FLAG PIN: June 29th - July 12th

BEACH PIN: July 13th-July 26th

POOL WATER PIN: July 27th-August 9th

SUNSET PIN: August 10th-August 23rd

CHERRY BLOSSOM PIN: August 24th-September 6th

June 29, 2020 — Allison Caufield