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Article: Join FiGPiN for exclusive contests celebrating the 2024 Anime Awards!

Join FiGPiN for exclusive contests celebrating the 2024 Anime Awards!

Calling all Anime Fans! In celebration of the upcoming Anime Awards on March 2, 2024, FiGPiN is teaming up with Anime Soul, the largest anime server on Discord, and ALKMY Discord Marketplace to bring you special contests with the chance to win exclusive FiGPiN AP prizes!
Join the Anime Soul Discord Server (​​ to participate in the following contests:

2024 Anime Award Winner Prediction Challenge:
FiGPiN is excited to see this year's Anime Award winners! Do you think you can predict who will win in each category? If so, join us in our first ever Anime Award Winner Prediction Challenge! Vote on 25 Anime Award categories to see who you think will take away Anime of the Year, “Must Protect At All Costs” Character, etc. Through any chat channel on the Anime Soul Server, use the ALKMY Bot /animeawards command to prompt the official submission form.
  • Participants must use the official template provided by ALKMY to enter the contest.
  • Participants must submit the complete prediction form before March 2nd, 2024 11:59 PM PST (5:59 PM JST).
  • Only one entry per participant is allowed.

Each bracket entry will earn points based on how many guesses they had correct. The participants with the highest score will earn a special role and icon in the server** and will be entered into a raffle for 3 grand prizes!

3 Grand Prizes: A 3 Artist Proof FiGPiN package with a blind assortment of the following characters: Anya (1336), Twilight (1335), Yuji (1187), Power (1385), Nezuko (1215), Tanjiro (1210), Monkey D. Luffy (1007) and Tony Tony Chopper (1288).

**NOTE: Special Role and Icon only applies to the Anime Soul Server. These Discord prizes do not translate to other Servers.

2024 Anime Awards Art Contest:
Calling all Artists! It's time to get creative and bring your artistic skills to the test in this special Anime Awards Art Contest. After submitting your artwork, Members of the Discord server will cast their vote for their favorite entry by reacting with a specified emoji (e.g., :thumbsup:).

Contest will run from Friday, February 16 10am PST until Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 11:30pm PST.

  • Only those with the "@AnimeFan" and up roles can post in the figpin-art-contest. Follow the updated instructions on the server to message the Moderator to receive the server role so that you can add your art to the channel!
  • Artwork must be themed to any of the nominees of the 2024 Anime Awards
  • Participants must submit their artwork in the designated channel within the specified timeframe. Only one submission per participant is allowed.
  • Submitted artwork must be original creations of the participant.
  • Acceptable formats include drawings, digital art, paintings or sketches (No AI Art allowed)
  • Artwork must adhere to community guidelines and be suitable for all audiences (i.e., NO NSFW). Any submissions containing explicit or offensive content will be disqualified.
The winner will be determined by the number of reactions (likes) received on their submission. The artwork with the highest number of likes at the end of the voting period will be declared the winner.

The grand prize includes: An Artist Proof Attack on Titan Deluxe 5 piece FiGPiN Box Set and $500 USD.

Second place prize: $300 USD

Third place prize: $200 USD

Participants can stay informed by checking the designated channel or receiving notifications from the contest organizers.

NOTE: The moderators reserve the right to enforce these rules and make decisions regarding any disputes or issues that may arise during the contest.

Remember to have fun and be creative! Winner announcements will be held on Anime Soul’s Discord the week after the Anime Awards (March 2nd).

What is a FiGPiN AP?
FiGPiN APs are Artist Proof pins with a limited run size. APs have a higher value in the FiGPiN app.

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