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Lilo & Stitch's Traveling Stitch Series Continues with Exclusive!
FiGPiN is continuing our Disney’s Lilo & Stitch’s Traveling Stitch Series with a release on 6/26 - International Stitch Day! 

Disney’s lovable alien is in a floral kimono, sunglasses and a gold chain!

This gold plated FiGPiN will be limited to 500 pieces and released on June 26th at 10am PT!

Keep an eye out for more designs in our Lilo & Stitch's Traveling Stitch Series and make sure to collect them all!

This item is in stock and ready to ship!

FiGPiN Classic: Disney Lilo & Stitch – Traveling Stitch #420

June 23, 2020 — Allison Caufield