More Naruto FiGPiNS! Starting with Kakashi!

Kakashi (943) is a black and silver variant and only available at Entertainment Earth!

Kakashi is the first pin in this 3 pin wave of Naruto FiGPiNS!

All 3 in this wave will be retailer exclusives with first edition run size of 2,000 units!

 FiGPiN:  Naruto - Kakashi (943) Entertainment Earth Exclusive
FiGPiN:  Naruto - Kakashi (943)
Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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FiGPiN:  Naruto - Itachi (942) Retail Exclusive
FiGPiN:  Naruto - Itachi (942)
FYE Exclusive

FiGPiN:  Naruto - Kakashi (943) Retail Exclusive
FiGPiN:  Naruto - Sasuke (944)
Retail Exclusive


September 08, 2022 — Kylie Wood