Naruto Action Pose Series Dropping Soon!

We know so many of you love Naruto characters, so we are bringing you more of your favorites, now in action poses!

Naruto #530, Orochimaru #531, Itachi #532 and Sasuke #533 are all a part of our new Naruto Action Series! 

You can purchase Naruto #530, Itachi #532 and Sasuke #533 from and many other major and specialty retailers starting next Wednesday, October 7th at 10am PT!

Orochimaru #531 is a Wal-Mart Exclusive and can only be purchased in their 4-pack box set (pictured below)! It will be available in-stores starting mid October, 2020.

*Please note that this is a preorder with an expected ship date of late October 2020*

FiGPiN Classic: Naruto - Naruto #530
FiGPiN Common
FiGPiN Classic: Naruto - Orochimaru #531
Wal-Mart Exclusive and only available in the Naruto 4-pack box set
FiGPiN Classic: Naruto - Itachi #532
FiGPiN Common
FiGPiN Classic: Naruto - Sasuke #533
FiGPiN Common
Naruto Four Pack Box Set
Naruto #530, Orochimaru #531, Itachi #532, Sasuke #533
Available Only at Wal-Mart
October 01, 2020 — Allison Caufield