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New York Comic Con 2023 - FiGPiN Event Exclusives


At Booth #1235 , you’ll find enamel pins from all your favorite franchises and fan-favorite characters from comic books, anime, and much more! Read more to get a general breakdown of all the FiGPiN information you need before visiting during the convention. 

The image above is a first-hand look into the FiGPiN logo design made just for 2023’s New York Comic Con. Listed below are all of our event exclusive releases each with their own run size. We do allot inventory for each day of the convention, but inventory is subject to change based on popularity and demand.

X-Men ‘97 Deluxe Box Set with its own limited edition FiGPiN Logo (1510-1514 & L97) - Limited Edition 500 units.
Marvel’s Avengers Hulk (1488) - Limited edition 1,000 units
Disney100 Dumbo (1478) - Limited edition 1,000 units
STAR WARS RETURN OF THE JEDI™ Yoda™ (1567)  - Limited edition 1000 units
STAR WARS AHSOKA™ Ahsoka Tano™ (1475)  - Limited edition 500 units
Dragon Ball Super, Super Saiyan God Form Vegeta (1274) - Limited edition 750 units
Spy x Family Variant of Twilight (1341) - Limited edition 1,000 units
Sailor Moon Variant of Tuxedo Mask (1423) - Limited edition 1,000 units
Demon Slayer Gyutaro (1214) - Limited edition 1,000 units
Yu-Gi-Oh! Harpie Lady (1506) - Limited edition 1,000 units
Chainsaw Man Power (1413) - Limited edition 1,000 units
Jujutsu Kaisen Variant of Panda (1421) - Limited edition 750 units
Minecraft Variant of Alex (1251) - Limited edition 500 units
Transformers™ Arcee (1177) - Limited edition 750 units
Sonic the Hedgehog Metal Sonic (1381) - Limited edition 750 units


To receive the FiGPiN logo for FREE at Comic Con, spend $75 or more on exclusive NYCC FiGPiNs during the event.

From newly designed classics to never-before seen characters, our line-up of event exclusives are sure to be a hit! Follow along with FiGPiN’s adventure to NYCC by checking out our social media channels (@figpinofficial) and stopping by at Booth 1235 all weekend long from October 12-15!

**Disclaimer: FiGPiN logo is available with purchase while supplies last. Valid only on con-exclusive pins. One per person, per transaction. This EXCLUDES the X-MEN ‘97 box set, CYBERCEL, mystery minis, and commons.

October 06, 2023 — Danielle Heredia