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Article: NYCC 2019: Logo Pins, Booth Procedures & FAQ!

NYCC 2019: Logo Pins, Booth Procedures & FAQ!

Here's a round up of all our NYCC news so far!


Booth #114

Exclusives & Pricing:

Receive one of two special pin-striped FiGPiN logo pins (pictured above) as a free gift with any purchase at our booth, while supplies last!

Booth Procedures:

FiGPiN is participating in NYCC’s pre-show lottery.

The lottery is already open for NYCC’s legacy fans through Friday, September 20 at 5:00pm ET. It will open for all fans Monday, September 23 to Friday, September 27 at 5:00 PM ET. Make sure you are Fan Verified to be able to enter! Please see NYCC’s FAQ for details.

DO NOT RUSH THROUGH ENTERING THE LOTTERY. Entering early will not increase your chances of winning. Take your time and make sure that you're entering everything correctly. Once you submit your lottery entries, you cannot edit them. 

If you’re not selected as a winner, you will still have a chance at getting access to our booth!

We will be using a virtual reservation system to sell the rest of our exclusives after the lottery sessions are completed. Head straight to our booth in the morning, tap your badge, and select the next available session (or the one you'd like to come back for) and you'll reserve your place in line. We do anticipate having some inventory for these sessions, but please be aware items will sell out. There is a chance, if you're in the final session, that everything will be sold out before your turn.

If you are selected as a winner, congratulations! We expect our exclusives to last through the first two sessions, but please note, as always, there is no guarantee that you will get everything on your wish list. Items will start selling out during our third and final pre-determined session.

Again, we do anticipate a few exclusives to make it into the open session. Exclusives will be restocked each day of the con, but not between sessions.

Please also review our list of exclusives carefully and note which items are at our booth (#114), and which are at our partners’ booths! Winning a lottery session for our booth will not help you get a FiGPiN exclusive from another booth.

Any questions specifically about your NYCC badges and the lottery experience, please visit

Will any other retailers have exclusive FiGPiNs?

BAIT (Booth #220/322)
Dragon Ball Z- White & Gold Super Saiyan 3 Goku (1000pc / $20)

Entertainment Earth (Booth #502)
Dragon Ball Z - Master Roshi ($20)

Fugitive Toys (Booth #774)
My Hero Academia - Midnight (1000pc / $20)

Funimation (Booth #542)
My Hero Academia - Glitter All Might XL ($25)
Will go online on Funimation Shop during holiday season

Official NYCC Store (North Concourse)
Dragon Ball Super - Super Saiyan Goku (1000pc / $20)
Marvel - Captain America & Spider-Man Minis ($25)

Toy Temple (Booth #2588)
Dragon Ball Z - Majin Vegeta ($20)

Toynk (Booth #2164/2872)
My Hero Academia - Mina Ashido (1500pc / $20)

    What if I'm only attending one day of NYCC? Will you be sold out by Sunday?

    We will have inventory of each of our exclusives and logo pins set aside for each day of the show!

    Are there purchase limits?

    Yes - one of each available item per person. Exhibitors will not be able to purchase.

    As always, stay tuned to @FiGPiNofficial on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for our latest news and updates

    See you in NYC!

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