Secure victory with the Gears of War Collection!

Gather your Gears and prepare to take a journey to on Wednesday, November 25th at 10am PT to order these brave new pins! They will be available for purchase as individual pieces or as a pack of three!

Marcus Fenix #221 and Dominic “Dom” Santiago #273 are FiGPiN commons and ready to join your FiGPiN collection!

Kait Diaz #274 is a Limited Edition with a LE of 3k!

This is your chance to accomplish an important mission and secure the prize of some awesome new FiGPiNs! This whole collection is in stock and ready to ship!

 Check out the pins below:

FiGPiN Classic: Gears of War  –   Marcus Fenix #221
FiGPiN Common 
FiGPiN Classic: Gears of War  –   Dominic “Dom” Santiago #273
FiGPiN Common 
FiGPiN Classic: Gears of War  –   Kait Diaz #274
Limited Edition / LE 3k ($20)
November 19, 2020 — Allison Caufield