Star Wars: The Force Awakens™  BB-8™ is coming to FiGPiN.COM!
**Happy Beeps**

BB-8™ (887) is a perfect companion droid and ready to be a part of your collection!

This Droid™  will be rolling into FiGPiN.COM as a FiGPiN COMMON and available for purchase on Wednesday, July 20th at 10am PT.

FiGPiN: Star Wars™ : The Force Awakens™  - BB-8™  (887) FiGPiN COMMON
FiGPiN: Star Wars™ : The Force Awakens™  - BB-8™  (887)

FiGPiNS are collectible, hard enamel, figure pins.

Each FiGPiN has a laser engraved serial number on its back that you can enter into our FiGPiN App. FiGPiNS are the collectibles that are meant to be opened!

Enter the unique serial number into the FiGPiN App to unlock its FiGPiN POWER! The more power you collect in the App the more access you will have to rare exclusives and offers.

Download the app now and Collect Awesome!

July 14, 2022 — Kylie Wood