The Protector of Gotham City™ acts as the next FiGPiN Ultra
As an early treat for the upcoming Batman™ Day, FiGPiN’s next ULTRA is no other than the Protector of Gotham City™! With a deep black enamel and a gold plated finish, this Batman™ ULTRA is designed after the Batman™ Rebirth suit.

Limited Edition of 1000 units

To qualify for this purchase, follow the requirements on the FiGPiN APP:
Collection Power: 1,800,000 
Collection Score: 2,000
60 Originally Unlocked FiGPiNS
    This FiGPiN ULTRA releases as a Pre-Order for qualifying FiGPiN APP users!
    FiGPiN: DC Universe Rebirth - Batman (U4)
    FiGPiN ULTRA/ 1K units
    September 15, 2023 — Danielle Heredia