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Walmart's NEW Collectibles Section & FiGPiN Exclusives
Walmart is launching their new Collectibles section next month!

We want to make sure you know where to get all of the latest and greatest FiGPiNs, so here is a rundown of the Walmart FiGPiN exclusives coming in October to Walmart Stores! 

Don't miss any of these amazing characters to add to your FiGPiN Collection!

 This first wave should start showing up around October 17th, 2020 

FiGPiN Classic: Dragon Ball Super - Goku #537
Walmart Exclusive

FiGPiN XL: Disney  – Baymax #X43
Walmart Exclusive
FiGPiN XL: Disney  – Fantasia Mickey #X47
Walmart Exclusive

FiGPiN Classic:
Naruto 4 Character Box Set
Includes the 3 Commons as well as 
Orochimaru #531, exclusive to this box set and Walmart

September 26, 2020 — Allison Caufield