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We are so excited, we can’t wait any longer to release our new Marvel Studios' Black Widow FiGPiN collection!

We couldn't wait any longer to bring you this lineup of amazing characters from Marvel Studios' Black Widow! You can get your hands on this new collection Wednesday, October 21st at 10am PT.  

The Black Widow has a 1:6 chase variant in her white outfit. Also, Yelena Belova is a FiGPiN exclusive with a LE of only 1k! 

Mark your calendars because this special line will sell out quickly!

Here is the web of available products in this line:

 Black Widow #398: FiGPiN Common available at on October 21st at 10am PT and in major retailers. 

Black Widow #399: Special 1:6 Chase variant

Yelena Belova #400: FIGPiN Exclusive with a LE of 1k is available at on October 21st at 10am PT

Red Guardian #401 and Taskmaster #402: FiGPiN Commons available at on October 21st at 10am PT and in major retailers.


FiGPiN Classic: Black Widow  - Black Widow #398
1-in-6 chase variant #399

FiGPiN Classic: Black Widow  - Yelena Belova #400

FiGPiN Exclusive / LE 1k pieces
FiGPiN Classic: Black Widow  - Red Guardian #401
FiGPiN Common
FiGPiN Classic: Black Widow  - Taskmaster #402
FiGPiN Common
October 15, 2020 — Allison Caufield