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mighty morphin power rangers FiGPiN group image
That is right! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers can soon be added to your FiGPiN Collection!
The full team is available for pre-order on FiGPiN.COM today!
The full team will all be FiGPiN Commons. We also chose to include both the Green Ranger and the White Ranger in this first release of Power Ranger FiGPiNS!
 Both the Green Ranger and the White Ranger will be participating in our FiGPiN CHASE program! So make sure to order them to participate in CHASE Day and have a shot at being able to purchase a LE 500 Gold Plated Green or White Ranger Variant! 
More information about our CHASE program can be found here!
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May 02, 2023 — melissa zucca