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FiGPiN is adding two new character releases from the TRANSFORMERS universe, Galvatron (1176) and Hot Rod (1178)! 
Starting today these Common FiGPiNS are available for pre-order!
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Just like Transformers, there is more to FiGPiN than meets the eye! Have you downloaded the FiGPiN App yet? In the FiGPiN App you can enter your FiGPiNS unique laser engraved serial number to see all the factory details about your pin! 

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Naruto and Orochimaru FiGPiNS!

Naruto and Orochimaru FiGPiNS!

Naruto (1110) and Orochimaru (1111) are available to pre-order today!

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mighty morphin power rangers FiGPiN group image

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger FiGPiNS!

That is right! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers can soon be added to your FiGPiN Collection! The full team is available for pre-order on FiGPiN.COM today!

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